A Webinar About People, Process and Technology

Concerns over Software Asset Management (SAM) have built to a crescendo over the past four years, and now dwarf discussions about managing hardware assets. In addition to virtualization and cloud computing, the rise of Shadow IT – those IT devices, software and services outside the ownership or control of IT organizations -- has increased the likelihood of unplanned software license expenses.  Proactive management of software assets and costs using best-of-breed tools and expert SAM analysts is more essential than ever.

Join Scalable Software, Inc. and Siwel Consulting for an on-demand webinar, “How to Achieve SAM Nirvana Through a Unified Process” to discover:

  • The role and importance of tool versus process versus people
  • How a unified SAM tool will accelerate your chances of success
  • How to avoid the most common software licensing ‘gotchas’
  • The importance of executive leadership to SAM success

Learn how an integrated SAM tool set coupled with world-class SAM program management can help you achieve the business transparency, vendor control and cost savings you need from your SAM program.


Frank Venezia
Sr. Vice President, Siwel Consulting, Inc.

Frank Venezia is a member of the executive management team and a key subject matter expert for the IT Asset Management practice at Siwel Consulting, Inc. He provides enterprise and middle market clients with an intimate knowledge of software and hardware contracts, developed during more than 15 years as a software group manager and a client executive with IBM, and more than 5 years at Siwel.

Mark Cresswell
Founder, President and CTO, Scalable Software

Mark Cresswell brings a wealth of industry experience to Scalable Software, overseeing the development and acquisition of new products and services, and increasing Scalable’s international reach. With broad industry experience in development, sales, marketing, and product management, he is a frequent speaker on IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management.