In today's IT landscape, everyone wants to improve accuracy in planning IT expenditures and avoid unbudgeted expenses, such as software audits. This is what reducing operational expenses on unproductive assets and minimizing risk is all about.

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But how can you deliver current, normalized, and enriched data with stand-alone ITAM tools? Learn how to get the job done – download the white paper, "The Top 5 Reasons Why a Unified Tool Provides the Best Hope for ITAM ROI."  We'll cover:

  • Why the cost of purchasing and maintaining IT assets is rising
  • Why more data from more sources, i.e. spreadsheet Kung-Fu, is not the answer
  • How data normalization and interconnected data can rein-in cost
  • How licensing and cloud-aware discovery can combat Shadow IT
  • How actionable reports drive sound, evidence-based decision-making

Download the white paper now.