People, Process and Technology
How to Achieve SAM Nirvana Through a Unified Process

On-Demand Webinar: Watch it Now

Concerns over Software Asset Management (SAM) have built to a crescendo over the past four years, and now dwarf discussions about managing hardware assets. In addition to virtualization and cloud computing, the rise of Shadow IT – those IT devices, software and services outside the ownership or control of IT organizations -- has increased the likelihood of unplanned software license expenses.  Proactive management of software assets and costs using best-of-breed tools and expert SAM analysts is more essential than ever.

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View the on-demand webinar, “How to Achieve SAM Nirvana Through a Unified Process” to discover:

  • The role and importance of tool versus process versus people
  • How a unified SAM tool will accelerate your chances of success
  • How to avoid the most common software licensing ‘gotchas’
  • The importance of executive leadership to SAM success

Learn how an integrated SAM tool set coupled with world-class SAM program management can help you achieve the business transparency, vendor control and cost savings you need from your SAM program.