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Shining a Light on Shadow IT

Understand how Shadow IT impacts organizations

IT is experiencing a massive change with the growth of subscription services which can be easily purchased by anyone with a credit card. This creates major challenges for the management of these services including:

  • How do you know what services people are using?
  • How do you know what is redundant or incorrectly sized?
  • Are we moving back to the bad old days of lack of control which we all believed we had conquered?


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Watch the on-webinar, "Shining a Light on Shadow IT in a Subscription-Focused Market," where we'll cover:

  • Why IT is moving towards Subscription Services
  • The characteristics of a defensive or innovative IT organization in relation to Shadow IT
  • How to ensure that you are in control of Shadow IT
  • What tools you will need to manage Shadow IT

Tune in to discover the different approaches that companies have taken to take back control of this new IT challenge.